Workshop Description

Fourth International Workshop on Games and Software Engineering (GAS 2015)

Workshop in conjunction with ICSE 2015
Florence/Firenze, Italy
May 18, 2015

GAS 2015 explores issues that crosscut the software engineering and the game engineering communities. Advances in game engineering techniques can be adopted by the software engineering community to develop more engaging applications across diverse domains: education; healthcare; fitness; sustainable activities (e.g., recycling awareness); and so on. Successful computer games feature a property that is not always found in traditional software: they are fun and engaging. Engaging games enthrall players and result in users willing to spend increasing amounts of time and money playing them. In addition, GAS 2015 provides a forum for advances in software engineering for developing games that enable progressive societal change through fun, playful game software. Software engineering techniques spanning patterns, middleware, testing techniques, development environments, and processes are of great interest.

GAS 2015 builds upon the results from the previous 2011 (proceedings), 2012 (proceedings), and 2013 (proceedings) GAS Workshops, and is the only academic venue focused on the intersection of games and software engineering. Come join us!